We are a storytelling agency using photography and filmmaking to inspire connection by building awareness of our common humanity.

We have always been passionate about humanitarian work, specifically when it involves women and children. We are drawn to causes that are helping people who haven’t had a chance to know their true value.

The more we get to know the the people working in the field, and the issues they are facing, the more we realize how our business and marketing background is often the thing these organizations need the most in order to grow.

Sharing Dots partners with humanitarian organizations to provide them with media and marketing solutions that tell their story and connect them with their audience.





“…what I can do is offer myself, wholehearted and present, to walk with the people I love through the fear and the mess. That’s all any of us can do.  That is what we are here for.”

— Shauna Niequist

Organizations We Have Partnered With

We are currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We have worked with organizations in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Kenya.

I have wanted to be a professional photographer since I was very young. I spent hours in the school library with a National Geographic magazine in hand dreaming of the day that I could also have a chance to take those photographs. 

Today, I am a photographer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. I love stories. I love the power they have to change the way we see the world and how we interact with it. I have worked as a photographer for over 5 years now, and have recently taken up filmmaking as another method of telling stories. 

I also love business, entrepreneurship, and taking an idea to it’s full potential. One of the ideas was I was able to see succeed was 5DayDeal.com. I lead the founding team of 5DayDeal.com, a multi-million dollar internet marketing startup, through the end of 2014. In January of 2015 I left 5DayDeal to combine my passion for stories and the power of the internet to increase awareness for humanitarian causes.

Sharing Dots is melting pot of these passions. Sharing Dots is focused on helping humanitarian organizations tell their stories effectively and use the power of the internet to get those stories heard.  Find out more here.

I am a writer, a traveler, and a mother.  I am passionate about life, prone to over think things, and get excited by new ideas.

I love to encourage.  My book Simple Living: 30 days to less stuff and more life has encouraged over 150,000 people since it’s release in the fall of 2012.  I was on the founding team of 5DayDeal and implemented the creative fundraising strategies that lead to over $250,000 being donated to charity in 2014.

I believe living life to help and encourage others is true success and I’m excited about how we can contribute to this with Sharing Dots.

On the Sharing Dots team I handle communication, web design, and making sure we break for ice cream every now and then.  Find out more here.


Our passion is to work with small and mid-sized humanitarian organizations. Often these organizations don’t have money to spend for professional media and marketing services.


Our model for helping these organizations involves two key points:

  • We live in Asia to allow us to be close to the organizations we work with. We keep our overhead down by doing as much work as possible online. When traveling and working on location we try to reduce expenses by schedule multiple projects in the same area at the same time.
  • We partner with people who have our same passion and want to see these humanitarian organizations succeed and grow.


Who are our partners? They are people just like you. People who have hopes and dreams for their kids. People who hope that their sons and daughters will grow up in a world that is better and kinder than the world we live in now.

They are people who want to see and hear the stories about people who are dedicating their lives see the light of hope grow stronger in the darkest, poorest places of the world. They are people who feel the tears well up in their eyes when they hear stories of children adopted, stories of women freed from sexual slavery, stories of orphans cared for and loved, and stories of education changing communities. They are people who desperately want to see change in the world, who want to see humanitarian work flourish.


We need monthly partners to fully fund our work this year.

This covers all of the costs of running SharingDots. Including:

  • Travel costs to the organizations we work with
  • Equipment, software and professional training
  • Collaboration with other professionals to get the job done
  • Insurance
  • Living expenses

All donations are 501c3 tax exempt in the US.

Return on Investment

When you invest $100 a month in Sharing Dots, you are investing in potential. Each month we invest our time and resources into other organizations and help them inspire people to join their cause. We help them tell their story in a way that connects with the people who hear it and inspires them to act.

With the resources and training we are providing, your $100 a month can turn it into $500, $1,000 or $10,000 a month for the organizations we partner with.

In turn, these funds can help take more orphans off the streets, prevent more women and children from being trafficked, fund education programs in rural villages that desperately need more schools, and so much more.

We were so blessed by the passion and presence of Bryon and Lorilee!  They listened intently to what we shared about our work, they affirmed us, and then offered themselves unreservedly to further the vision we’ve been given!  These people are truly encouraging, gifted and zealous for communication that moves people’s hearts and minds!  We count ourselves profoundly blessed to work with them!

Doug and Amanda Hostetler

We adopted our son from China in August of this year. The day that we got him the Lippincott family met us early that morning and stayed with us until that night. They made our day absolutely perfect, not only because of the excellent work they did, but more importantly because of the friendship we developed. They have a passion for what they do and they live it out in a beautiful way.

Ferrin and Beth Bayles

Bryon shot photographs and video of a recent project Christa and I were involved in, curating and creating art and music for a conference. We needed documentation of the work and the event so that we could refer back to it on future projects and also to communicate with the patrons and supporters who partner with us. His work was excellent, his demeanor gracious and helpful, and his desire to see other people thrive in their work was evident. I highly recommend him as a photographer able to capture both context and people. The right photo can make the difference when you need to communicate beyond the surface. Bryon helps people not only show what they are doing but visually demonstrate the why behind it.

Jonathan Reuel

Founder, Dandelion Seed Company, a network of artists working in a variety of mediums

Working with the guys at Sharing Dots was great. We really enjoyed getting to know them and for sharing our passion for HIV orphans in China with them. They were reliable and professional and did a great job.



Lorilee and Bryon were such a joy to work with. They were easy to get along with and very competent with what they were doing. They captured our organization in action and the pictures they took for us, were of great quality and caught the heart of what we do. We were all very impressed with the work they had done and would recommend their work to everyone!

Nightlight International

When we met the Lippincotts in Thailand and we heard about how they work to support humanitarian aid projects in Asia, we asked them to help us also. Although we work for a humanitarian aid organization in Asia, we were ready to share a personal story about how we’ve wanted to adopt. The Lippincotts not only had all the media tools, they also provided coaching on communicating this sensitive message. By the end of our time recording, we felt confident that the video and photos would share our story of adoption exactly as we had hoped.

Jon and Jenna Hudlow

Sharing Dots served the children of Bong Paoun by taking photos of them that we could print and give to them.
Their work was creative and fun for the kids. As people serving on the ground everyday, we sometimes lose that creativity so we are very grateful for Sharing Dots coming to lift us above the daily grind in the slums and making a fun project that the kids really enjoyed. The bonus is that as an organisation we now have great photos that we can use also.

Bong Paoun

Bryon is excellent to work with!  He photographed an emotional moment in our lives – the first time we met our 4 year old son.  He captured the essence of that day beautifully.  Looking back at the photos washes back all the emotions!  He is truly an artist.  His talent for photography is one of the best we’ve ever seen.  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity for him to capture one of the best days of our lives.

Christella Hudson

I had a phenomenal experience working with Bryon and Lorilee. They really took time to hear our hearts and passion behind The Lily Project and put together an amazing video that captured it all. Their passion and drive for what they do surpasses many standards. While they themselves are not actively involved in our project, their hearts and passion of helping us get our story out there was such an amazing encouragement to us as we were getting started. I think the biggest thing that stuck out to me in working with them was just how passionate they are about helping people get their stories out there for others to see.

Natalie Nopkins

Founder, The Lily Project

Thank you so much for visiting the area of our ministry and capturing our Vision in a video!  This mini-documentary that Sharingdots shot and edited has enabled us to share our Vision to hundreds of people.  You guys have helped us connect us to our supporters, both old and new, in a way we never have before.  We are so thankful for your work and help!

*Withheld due to privacy

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