Everywhere in the world there is a story of some child being adopted, their family being helped, or an orphanage succeeding in helping hundreds of children with no parents.

THAT is why we are here. To tell those stories that are waiting to be told.

We want the world in the future, when we are adults, to be a place where kids are taken care of, loved, happy, and have hope for a good life.

Hi. I’m Lily,  the content manager of Sharing Dots 4 Kids (that means I write all the posts.) I also take care of all the graphics and things on the site.  I’m 14 years old and live in Thailand. I travel with my mom and dad who are helping NGOs (or charities).

I have wanted to have this site up for a long time, and now it is finally running. I have been drawing and planning the site in my journal, waiting for my mom and dad to get started. I think this site will be a lot of fun to work on and I also think it will help kids all over the world hear good stories about kids who are happy now thanks to different charities and good people.

I like pizza, cats, good books, the internet, and Doctor Who.

I hope you enjoy our site and find ways to get involved.  (check out my blog)

I’m Ian, the videographer and photo manager of Sharing Dots 4Kids.  I’m 10 years old, and am good at math. I enjoy eating chinese street food, olives, and pizza with no veggies or meat…unless the meat is chicken or turkey.

I am the type that bounces off walls and runs around driving my sister out of her mind. I am currently trying to learn how to solve a rubix cube in less than a minute(I’m doing pretty well).  I enjoy watching youtube channels like DudePerfect and other trickshot channels.

I think this site is going to be great to work on. After all, I am the photographer and videographer. I take the photos and videos for the site and my sister and dad help me edit them.

I hope you will get involved and share the site with your friends.

Bethel China – Sports Day

  On Sports Day at Bethel China, the staff set up a race course, a rope pulling contest, and many other fun activities for the children they care for. They had volunteers from various other orphanages and school come to help the kids and make donations. Here's a...

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Bethel China Motorcycle fun

  A while ago a motorcycle club from Beijing came to Bethel to play with the kids under Bethel's care. The kids got rides on the motorcycles, pictures, and the club also donated food. Here's a video Ian made:

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Bethel – Bakery Tour

Bethel's kids (and teachers) took a Microsoft sponsored tour of a famous factory for baked goods. At the beginning of the bakery tour, the tour guide showed the group around the history sections of the factory, such as the founders, and secret recipes. A little later,...

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Bach’s Bakery – The Place of Good Food

This week we have been working with Bach’s Bakery by helping them with photo and video for their work with deaf people. The owners manage a sponsorship program to help deaf children at a certain school be able to continue going to school and to have surgery to help...

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Eric’s Adoption-The Paper Miracle

Hi, welcome back to Sharing Dots 4 Kids! We are going to tell you about an adoption we witnessed a few weeks ago, and how the papers that were needed to adopt him got processed much faster than usual. Last week we went to see an adoption. The child that got adopted...

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Bong Paoun

My family and I went to visit Bong Pauon last Friday. Bong Paoun is an organization that works with kids who live in the slums and their families. We got up around 7 to go to Bong Pauon. When we got there, I read my kindle while my mom and dad took photos of all the...

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