A brand encompasses a broad range of factors from logos, colors and fonts to the look and feel of the photography, to the language used in communication by the organization.

For us, creating a brand is first and foremost about listening. We spend time listening to your organizational story and the personal stories of key organizational leaders. As these conversations happen, key words, ideas, motivations and values begin to appear. We take these core concepts that define your organization and mold them into a message that will connect with your target audience.

As part of the branding process we work with you to help you accurately define who your audience is, what they want from a relationship with you, and how they want you to communicate with them.

Your core values, motivations, and organizational culture are then filtered though the lens of your target audience to craft a brand that inspires them to engage with you and support your work.

At the completion of the branding process you have the tools to apply both your visual brand and your brand message to your communications going forward.

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