We have been partnering with Bethel China for 3 years. In the beginning we provided documentary photo and video coverage when some of their children were adopted and met their parents for the first time.

In the June of 2016 we partnered with Bethel to produce an awareness campaign for their children who were waiting for adoption. Bethel China provides care to over 50 visually impaired orphans in partnership with social welfare institutes in China.

Children with visual impairments living life to the fullest.


We designed the campaign to feature one child each day for the month of June. Each child was introduced in 3 ways each day, one portrait photo, one photo of the child with a quote about adoption or visual impairment, and one video telling their story and describing their personality and abilities.

We assisted Bethel in activating their audience to help spread the word about the campaign and share about each child. Our goal was to get each child shared through the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Blogs

The secondary goal of the campaign was to provide Bethel with high quality photo and video to advocate for each child (for sponsorship and adoption) after the campaign was over.













Photographing children can be a challenge. We wanted to provide photos that really captured the personality of each child. Often when photographing visually impaired children it is difficult to get a photo where direction their eyes are looking does not detract from the photo. We spent a lot of time photographing each child and had a lot of fun getting to know each of them.


To families looking at adoptioing a child with special needs there is so much unknown and this fear of the unknown could keep a family from adopting. In doing the videos for the campaign we tried to capture the child’s personality as well as document their abilities. We made sure to show activities like speech, fine motor skills, walking/running, eating, and other abilities or challenges the child has.

Over the years we have also worked to share stories of families who have chosen to adopt as a way of encouraging others who are thinking of adoption. Below are other videos produced, both for the adoptive families and for Bethel, to encourage more people to get involved.

Bryon and Lorilee worked 12 hour days for six weeks, tirelessly and without complaint to give us high quality, beautiful photos and videos of each of our children that are waiting for families. Because of them, several children have already been matched to families and we are confident that many more will as well. There is no way a small organization could ever afford to pay them for their incredible talents and skills. Every time we had a website or media need, they stepped up and gave above and beyond what we could hope for. They truly live out their mission statement of believing in human value. Anna

Development Manager, Bethel China

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