We work with people focused

organizations to help them craft

people centered communication

that inspires their audience to act.


  • Passionate: We are advocates for organizations working towards justice, care, and opportunity.
  • Experienced: We have media and marketing experience in diverse cultural situations both in the for-profit and nonprofit spheres.
  • Creative: We specialize in creative, organization specific, communication solutions that combine our knowledge and experience with current market trends.
  • Invested: We build long term partnerships to help organizations continue to grow and develop.
  • On Location: We are based in Asia and can easily travel to your location to work on your project.


  • Strategic: We spend time listening so we can understand who you are, what you need, and how we can work together to achieve your goals.
  • Story Focused: We use stories to help your audience relate to your work in a personal way that develops trust.
  • Brand Centered: Our projects are designed and tailored to match and enhance your brand. We also provide brand coaching and consultation to make sure your message is both clear and consistent.
  • Cost based: As a nonprofit organization, we bid projects on a cost basis so you can get the marketing materials you need to promote your project below market rates.



  1. Fill out our project request form here.
  2. We contact you to set up a Skype call to talk about your needs and how we can help.
  3. We send you a detailed project proposal.
  4. Once the proposal is accepted, we schedule your project.
  5. We complete work and deliver materials.
  6. We do any necessary revisions.
  7. Follow up.


We understand that media and marketing projects can easily exceed budget constraints. This is why we created our discount program.

Throughout the year we work to raise money personally that we use to help organizations fill the funding gap and get their projects completed. 

Organizations who have completed the Project Request process are eligible to apply for discount funds.

We have a passion for telling stories

that inspire change and motivate people

to impact the world for good.

We have a passion for telling stories

that inspire change and motivate people

to impact the world for good.


Sharing Dots was launched in the spring of 2015 to help humanitarian organizations by providing them with professional media and marketing materials at a price they could afford. We have worked with organizations in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Mongolia, Kenya, and South Africa.

Bryon Lippincott

Co-Founder/Photographer/Filmmaker/Brand Strategist

I am a photographer and filmmaker with a deep love for human stories. I love telling stories of hope, stories that show the value of human life as well as the benefits and rewards that come from investing in people.

I am a wanderer and a nomad.  To date I have photographed in 10 countries, with over 40 different organizations and individuals, and produced video projects in 6 different languages.

Lorilee Lippincott


I am passionate about life and get excited by new ideas. I believe in living life to help and encourage others and I love encouraging people and organizations who are making a difference in the world.

My background is in business, web marketing, and filmmaking. I love crafting simple, memorable communication that is easily understood, and inspires others to get involved.

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